ADK Noodle Company

A (very) brief history

February 2019


Chef/Professor Kevin McCarthy and Farmer/Local Food Enthusiast Jake Vennie-Vollrath were riding home together during a snowstorm from a high school sporting event in February of 2019 discussing our local food system and how we can better connect it to the students at Paul Smiths College and support our local farmers.

April 2019


Kevin and Jake establish ADK Noodle Company with an intent to make the most nutritious noodles from locally sourced ingredients while engaging Paul Smiths College Students with paid, real-life business management, development, and marketing experience. Paul Smiths College agrees to incubate the newly created business and allow it to utilize kitchen space to create and develop its products.

June 2019


ADK Noodle Company is accepted into the Saranac Lake and Lake Placid Farmers' Markets setting the stage for the business to develop a customer base and grow. The Neverending Noodle is released and sold all summer long. Paul Smiths College Students learn first hand how to market a brand new product and explain the deep connections between the college and our local farms and food system.

October 2019-June 2020


ADK Noodle Company continues on with the winter farmers' market in Hotel Saranac with students doing noodle demonstrations and tastings. When the COVID-19 outbreak hits and Paul Smiths College is closed the college reaffirms its commitment to incubating the new business and allows production to continue. ADK Noodle Company assists in developing the innovative Saranac Lake Farmers' Park-It which continues to connect the community to local food throughout the shutdown. In June of 2020 ADK Noodle Company again resumes its outdoor market commitment in Saranac Lake and Lake Placid.